Ambassador Larry E. André Delivers Fender Guitars in Mauritania

Guitars for Swaziland - Ambassador Larry E. AndréWe are so pleased to announce the recent delivery of Fender guitars to Les Echos de Sahel, a school in Nouakchott, Mauritania. The guitars were presented to students by Ambassador Larry E. André, Jr., U.S. Ambassador to Mauritania.

This is our first delivery outside the nation of Swaziland, and it continues our core mission of bringing quality musical instruments and education to the children of Africa. A great big thanks to Jeff Van Zandt and Fender for their continued support, as well as everyone who has contributed to our efforts to make these deliveries possible.

Here are a few pics from the big day!

Ambassador Larry E. André, Jr., U.S. Ambassador to Mauritania, delivers guitars to Les Echos de Sahel in Nouakchott, Mauritania.
Guitars for Swaziland - Boys with Fender guitarGuitars for Swaziland - Girl with Fender guitar

Guitars for Swaziland - Two Boys with Fender guitars

Fender Sponsors Guitars for Swaziland

On July 23, many of Austin’s most renowned guitarists joined together with Fender to celebrate Guitars For Swaziland’s first shipment of instruments to the AIDS orphans of Swaziland. The group, which gathered at SoundCheck Austin , included Eric Johnson, Denny Freeman, Monte Montgomery, Redd Volkaert, Bill Carter, Chris Maresh, and GFS founder Stephen Doster, among others. It was truly incredible to see so many greats from Austin’s musical community stand alongside the first 20 guitars bound for Swaziland.

Fender has generously supplied all of the acoustic guitars, as well as the extra strings necessary to keep them sounding fantastic for years to come. We are also incredibly grateful for the contribution of Latin Percussion, which provided a variety of percussion instruments for this first shipment to Africa.

Guitars for Swaziland Group Photo
Jeff Van Zandt of Fender Musical Instrument Company commented on the company’s involvement in the project: “Fender strongly believes in music education and sharing the spirit of music with the world. When Stephen told us of his experience in Swaziland and explained what he wanted to do for the kids of Swaziland, his passion was overwhelming.”

He continued: “The unrivaled support from the Austin musicians that have jumped on board to support Stephen and his life-changing foundation falls in line with our passion. Fender is honored to supply the instruments necessary to make this dream a reality and to enrich the lives of children around the world through music.”

Daniel Roark, member of the GFS board, furthered the sentiment: “This photoshoot featuring the actual instruments shipped to Swaziland depicts not only the tremendous generosity of some of Austin’s most noteworthy musicians, but also the relentless effort from so many people in taking Guitars for Swaziland from just a simple idea to a working organization. These first twenty instruments mark the very beginning of our efforts and commitment to support the children of Swaziland.”

While this marks a major milestone for Guitars for Swaziland, our work is only beginning!

Guitars for Swaziland is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing musical instruments and education to the children of Swaziland. Established by prominent Austin musician Stephen Doster, GFS is a project that aims to unite musicians, music lovers, and other community members for this common cause.

Denny Freeman

Denny Freeman Charlie Sexton Redd Volkaert Eric Johnson John X Reed
Gurf Morlix Will Sexton Van Wilks Terry Lickona David Holt
Joe Priesnitz Patrice Pike Roger Allen Polson Bobby Mack Randy Weeks
Chris Maresh Monte Montgomery Jeff Van Zandt Dale Watson James and Sara Stevens
Steven Fromholz Scrappy Judd Newcomb Bill Carter Malford Milligan Rob Meurer
Mark Hallman Ruth Ellsworth Carter Barbra Nesbitt Tommy Elskes Anthony Farrell
Chris Searles Dylan Phillips
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Greg and Maureen Engle Speedy Sparks Will Indian Bob Cheevers Tom and Teala Hurley
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